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Monday, October 25, 2010

Grocery: This Week's Cheese Finds

One of our guilty pleasures is exploring new cheeses from the case at Bi Rite Market. Yesterday cubes brought home two new cheeses for us to try:
  1. Fiore Sardo: a semi-hard to hard Italian sheep's milk cheese that is sharp and savory and was traditionally used in Pesto in Naples and Genoa. It is aged a minimum of 8 months. It was awarded D.O.P. (Denominazione di Origine Protetta or protected designation of origin) status in 1996 which the Italians use to guarantee that the milk and cheese come from a certain location. "The slightest shavings of it brings simple olive oil-dressed pasta alive." (Sources: Cowgirl Creamery's Library of CheesesGourmet-Food.com; and The Gourmet Foodstore)
  2. Andante Selections' Tomme Brebis/Chevre: a semi-firm, slightly dry French sheep's milk cheese that has a mildly sharp flavor with sweet buttery finish that has slightly nutty undertones. It has been awarded A.O.P. (Appellation d’Origine Côntrolée or controlled label of origin) status which the French use to ensure the quality of their cheeses. "Delicious with crusty bread, fruit and wine. It also melts well for sauces and omelets." Pair with a Burgundy or medium-body red wine. (Sources: The Gourmet Foodstore; Marky's; and Vermont Cheese Council)
Have you tried these cheeses before? Did you enjoy them as antipasto or in a dish? Any wine pairings we should experiment with?

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