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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ingredients: Meyenberg's European Style Goat Butter

There are some sauces that just don't taste quite the same when you "substitute" Earth Balance for butter. Take for instance Chanterelles. While lovely when sauteed in olive oil or Earth Balance or a mixture of olive oil and Earth Balance, Chanterelles really come alive when sauteed in butter.

Imagine the day before Thanksgiving shopping rush at Bi-Rite. On one side you have the checkout counter, followed by the meat counter/butcher shop, on the other side fresh veggies followed by cheeses and wine. In between the two sides are center display units with fruit, bread. The aisles are maybe two people wide. Everyone's goal is get in, get out, quick. 

We came armed with a list. Luckily though we get distracted easily. This time truffles called. White truffles.

How are truffles related to butter? Here's how: the flavor of truffles is best showcased by cream or cheese sauces. Soy milk and Earth Balance just don't cut it. So back to the dairy case I went in search of something that would complement the truffles. And that's when I discovered Meyenberg's European Style Goat Butter. Two recipes changed right then and there as I stood in front of the case: the Wild Mushroom Fricassee (adapted from James Peterson's recipe in Vegetables) and our Vegan Mushroom Gravy. 

Long story short. If you're unable to use butter made from cow's milk, Meyenberg's European Style Goat Butter is a good substitute for savory dishes. It's flavor isn't as subtle as cow's milk butter, but it's great with wild mushrooms and truffles. As long as we can find it locally it's going to have a regular home in our refrigerator.

More on our Vegetarian White Truffle Gravy in a later post, but let's just say it didn't use any Earth Balance or Soy Milk.

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