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Monday, January 17, 2011

Grocery: In the Cheese Case at Bi-Rite

It's been awhile since cubes and I went to Bi-Rite. Late Saturday afternoon we headed there on our way back from running errands (dropping shoes off at the cobbler, taking shoes - and my favorite jeans - to a thrift shop, donating clothes that no longer fit, and visiting the tailor).

I picked up one of our favorites - Ewephoria, A Sheep Milk Gouda - and a new cheese: Benning Goat Gouda. We'd just had a Goat Gouda from Trader Joe's and cubes had remarked how much he liked it. (Note unless you're able to eat the cheese you buy from Trader Joe's the same day you purchase it, avoid buying cheese at Trader Joe's. We had a Goat Cheddar start showing mold the day after I bought it, and the Goat Gouda the day after we opened it.)

On Sunday, The Great De-Cluttering of 2011 continued. As a reward I made myself a antipasto plate with Kalmata olives, Benning Goat Gouda, Ciabatta, Ewephoria, and Salumi. Yum!

For those curious about my progress, I didn't finish de-cluttering and organizing the living room closet. I discovered that the vintage suitcases I'd gotten for storage, thinking I could stack them, were angled. Anything placed on top of them slid right off and onto the floor. I had to do some rearranging of areas I'd already finished and order another shelving unit. All but the sewing area is neatly organized and one can see the floor in the closet again as well as close both closet doors.

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