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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Etsy Tuesday: And the Cheese Stands Alone

I love cheese. If I could, I'd spend hours in front of the cheese case at Bi-Rite just imagining all the possibilities of sheep's and goat's milk cheeses. Ever since I saw this cheese table on Polka Dot Bride I've been dreaming of a wine and cheese happy hour.

Credits: Styled by Kristy of Imbue Weddings, photographed by Deep Gray Photography, spotted on Polka Dot Bride

Of course I'm imagining friends decked out in 1950s cocktail attire, women sporting elbow length gloves.
The Finds (left to right): Silver Plated Cake Stand, 8.75" diameter, 4" high, $3622 Bay Road; Silver Plated Cake Stand, 12" diameter, 4" high, Leonard, Italy, $28Virginia Haskins & Company; 2-Tier Bronze Serving Tray, 8.5" diameter & 13" diameter, SF Co, $35Chen Shouk; Folding Tea Cake Stand, 7" diameter plates, 16" width fully extended, 12" high, c.1950s, $44Yonks.

Anyone else for a cheese "dessert" table?

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