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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ingredients: Blossoming Tea

I grew up having a cup of tea before school - either Irish Breakfast or English Breakfast. Weekends were special; we had french pressed coffee.

Lately when I need to think or deal with a migraine, I've been curling up with a new tea. I got this tea collection for my birthday and have fallen in love with it: Red Blossom Tea Company's Blossoming Tea Collection.

Tea Blossom Blooming

Besides tasting great, brewing a cup takes you to another place. You drop the tea bud into a steaming cup of water and watch it blossom.
Yellow Chrysanthemums Blooming Tea

So far my favorite for taste is the Inner Blossom Jasmine; for its look, my favorite is the Yellow Chrysanthemums.

Have you tried blossoming tea?

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