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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Retro Kitchen: Cookbook Designs

Last week I was pondering a redesign of our cookbooklets, favoring a 1950s vintage feel. This week I'm still thinking about design. But I'm also thinking about supporting content and how it should be organized. A cookbooklet shouldn't just present a recipe. After last week's class, I realized the why for a crucial step should be present.

Do you have any cookbooks that you love the design and layout of? Tell me which ones and what you love about them.

Here are some more vintage cookbook designs that caught my eye.
The Particular Cook's Cook Book The Particular Cook's Cook Book
The Particular Cook's Cook Book from Borden's Evaporated Milk, sold for $7.50

Elegant 101 SALADS FOR THE GOURMET cook book mid century 1954
101 Salads for the Gourmet, Copyright 1954, listed for $8

look no further vintage cookbook
Look No Further, Copyright 1955, $19.95

Two Super Clean Fifties Recipes Booklets, Metropolitan Life Ins., Lots of Cute Clip Art
Metropolitan Life Insurance Cook Books, listed for $10.95

1950 Culinary Art Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook
Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook, Copyright 1950, listed for $22

1950's Your Kitchen Keyboard of Spices Guide from R.T. French Co.
Your Kitchen Keyboard of Spices, from R.T. French Co, listed for $17
Update 7/16/2011: Past the initial ideas for look and feel of our cookbooklets and which recipes to include, we haven't done much more until recently. With our nine month anniversary behind us, we're finalizing the design and writing about the process of Designing a Retro Cookbook.   

Credits: Product images taken by their respective Etsy sellers: Sugar and MeringueOddity and WhimsyLivingston and PorterKelley Street VintageMrsOtter06JenZee09

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