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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Roundup of Firsts

Do you know what post this is? It's my hundredth! (Had it not been for this week's Blogging Your Way homework assignment, I would have posted without noticing.)

Over the years I've had many a culinary adventure. Some ended with a wondrous meal and other's with a smoke filled kitchen and screaming fire alarm. I'll share some of my notable firsts that you may have missed:
This blog started as a place to share recipes from dinners I'd hosted and has grown. Over the next hundred posts, you'll share my husband's and my quest to master our slow cooker, discover foodie hotspots and good ole comfort food in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, and enjoy excerpts from old cookbooks and Home Economics texts that I'm reading. And if you're interested, I may even share snippets from a Sushi class I helped teach with Chef Ped. You can also look forward to more appetizing photos now that I'm traveling with my birthday present - a Canon G12 - instead of my relying on my iPhone's camera.

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