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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dining Out: On the Road in Vegas & On a Budget

Earlier this month I was craving the perfect cocktail. I'd gotten wrapped up in a project I was working on that I'd inadvertently ended up starving during prime time dining hours in Las Vegas. My first thought was order in. This would serve two goals - I wouldn't lose my train of thought (my network monitoring mojo was flowing) and I'd get the steak I was craving. I immediately discarded that thought. It would be an ok, but not great meal. Worse, I probably wouldn't be able to expense this working dinner - room service entrees are always marked up and on top of that there's a room service fee.

Ever hopeful, I headed downstairs hoping for a single seat at the bar in Gallagher's. Sometimes when you're dining alone you can skip the long waits. This was not to be one of those times. Taking a quick lap around the Food Court/Restaurant Row I discovered only one place without an hour plus wait (it was a little before 8pm so waiting was not really an option): Chin Chin.


I spotted one of my favorite drinks - a Bloody Mary - on their drink menu so I ordered one.
Drink Specials - The Promise
This is what the bartender served.
Naked Chin Chin Bloody Mary
It doesn't look anything like its description, does it? Who serves a Bloody Mary without a celery stalk at least?

After my drink, I began to dread what my dinner would look like. I'd decided to "play it safe," ordering a small bowl of Hot and Sour Soup and Garlic Tomato Chicken with Brown Rice. It wasn't the worst Chinese meal I've ever had. Definitely wasn't the best or more memorable either. It was warm and it was served quickly.
Small Order
Garlic Tomato Chicken

By the time I was able to talk to cubes I was in a pretty foul mood, no longer hungry but missing him tremendously; totally understandable feelings when you realize it was our 7-month wedding anniversary. I did get into Gallagher's the next night for a great meal, which I spent "virtually" dining with him via almost non stop texting. But, you guessed it, that's a story/post for another day.

Have you spent anniversaries apart from your significant other?
What did you do to celebrate apart?

Bon Apetit!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for Recipes for the Good Life.

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