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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Retro Kitchen: Aprons

I love aprons. You would think my love of aprons comes from their utility. No, it doesn't. Yes, I have practical aprons. A striped bib apron with a pocket that I don't wear very often. And two bib aprons with a pocket from our mini-moon, one for cubes and one for me.

The aprons that I love are loved for their polka dots, ruffles, and shape. A polka dot bib apron with ruffles and a pocket that screams cuteness and is an exact match to one of Mooflyfoof's aprons (I totally want to spend a morning baking with her with both of us wearing our matching aprons!). Four vintage hostess aprons that I'm hesitant to wear until after our photo shoot.

There's something about an apron that flatters you that draws me to them. Aprons, especially very flattering and eye catching ones, were incredibly popular in the 1950s. I'm not going to go into the history of apron wearing. If you're interested, check out Alana's Styles of Aprons post.

Here are some of the 1950s styles that I'm day dreaming about. As soon as I finish getting our apartment organized, you may find me in front of my sewing machine creating aprons that coordinate with my wardrobe.

The Finds: McCalls Sample Pattern, uncut, $9.99, from Vintage Oddities; Simplicity's Pattern, $19.99, from Pattern Shop; Mail Order Pattern, $12, from Opal's Owl Vintage; Marian Martin Pattern, $10, from Aunt Nonnie's Nest.

There are tons of cute vintage aprons available. I found my four aprons at the Stagecraft Studio Warehouse sale this past summer, for $5 total.

The Finds: Polka Dot Half Apron, $8, from Linen Closet; Halter Apron, $20, from Le Poisson, Gingham Apron, $24, from GreyFern.
Do you love vintage aprons too? What styles are your favorites?

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