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Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Style: Food for Plotting


Years ago I tried to getaway to Mexico with two of my close friends. We were going to share a house and it was going to be amazing. Needless to say the logistics didn't work out then. A couple of weeks ago two of my close friends shared with us their plans to go to Puerto Rico. They followed up this discussion with an email.

Soon another two of our close friends were going to Puerto Rico. Then, we too were going to Puerto Rico. (You may remember that cubes and I were planning on taking our honeymoon this Spring. After the wedding and our mini-moon, I was a little burnt out on endless phone calling and negotiations, so we hadn't yet really planned anything. We had at least shared the time off with our employers.) And then, another friend was vacationing in Puerto Rico (a friend I just found out grew up there!). A plot was hatched!

Monday we all convened at Amy and Steve's for a planning session. The smells of meatball soup and rice greeted us all as we came in the door. Brian prepared a wonderful salad to go with the soup and rice - the perfect ratio of black olives, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot, sliced green apple, and sliced nuts to leafy greens.

Meatball Soup

I can't wait for trip. Let the day dreaming (and accessorizing) begin!

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