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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Ole BBQ in Hayes Valley

Pork Belly, Pulled Pork, and Baked Beans

I knew we were in trouble when word came out that Sneaky's BBQ was opening a permanent location. All hopes for a diet were dashed upon the discovery that Sneaky's was moving in just a couple of blocks away. Worse still is that Sneaky's BBQ delivers!

You might remember that back in December I was craving Texas BBQ. (The Armadillo Willie's chain in the South Bay just doesn't cut it.) Well since mid-February I've been on a mission to satisfy that craving. We're averaging two visits a week at the moment. Yesterday I introduced my team to Sneaky's (got take out Tuesday night and snuck it out to the East Bay) - they loved it.

Wings with Baked Beans and Handcut Fries

I love their regular BBQ sauce and their recently added South Carolina Mustard Sauce is my go to for dipping their handcut fries. I prefer vinegar-based BBQ sauces to sugary sauces. So if you like a more milder sauce, the South Carolina Mustard Sauce is the way to go. If you like your wings with a kick, try the original sauce first. Their Spicy BBQ Sauce has a kick. And I mean it has a kick. I was knocking back a cold one to quench the fire in my throat. I've had wings with the original BBQ sauce and the South Carolina Mustard Sauce - both are good. My favorite sauce for the wings is the South Carolina Mustard Sauce. My favorite sauce for the Pork Belly is the original BBQ sauce.

If you want to guarantee that you'll get a seat and some BBQ, come early! Don't wait until 10pm to scratch that itch. There's pent up demand (I'm not the only poor soul who's been BBQ deprived) and some nights they run out! If you want to dine in later in the week, go early before happy hour really gets going or sneak in around 8:40 or so when the early diners free up tables. We came in one Friday night to discover all the tables were full. (Those table grabbing skills I acquired back in East Lansing served us well - nabbing a 2-top with 4 spots and sharing with another couple until the adjacent 2-top opened up.)

And to a certain Fernet loving friend - Rebel's got it on tap (Jameson's as well).

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