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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coming Soon: CSN Store Review

Now that we're married our focus has shifted from planning a one-day event back to organizing and living our lives. Part of that organization includes outfitting our apartment - a task that has been on hold since we moved into our apartment last October.

You can imagine how excited I was when CSN Stores contacted me about reviewing an item from one of their stores. They have almost everything a couple who entertains a lot would need, including bar stools to bar accessories, such as mortar and pestles, and more. (I'm just dying to try out the first recipe we chose from our guestbook, and one of the key ingredients Falernum requires us to use a mortar and pestle.)

So what would you get to review? A mortar and pestle such as this one from Cuisinox?

Something more practical like this portable 2 quart set from Pyrex for potlucks? Thanksgiving is coming up.

All images from CSN Store Cookware.com.

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