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Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Style: One Month Anniversary

In honor of our one month wedding anniversary, we're having Italian night. On the menu you ask? A couple of favorites. First the story behind the favorites and how the menu was chosen and then the menu.

It's clam season here in California (Pismo clams are available from September through April). That means we just have to try to recreate Don Peppe's Baked Clams antipasto that we had for cubes' birthday.

The Main Course and Dessert:
A couple of weeks ago - on a very stormy day - two of our friends MooflyFoof and EdRabbit got married. I can still remember when I first met them. It was the First Annual BaconCamp in San Francisco.

Of course we'd meet over food. MooflyFoof's Maker's Mark Ice Cream with a Maple Carmel Swirl and Candied Bacon Bits took top honors that day.

I got to know EdRabbit a lot better a few months later while Yerdua, he, and I wandered the streets of Oakland in search of runners playing Journey to the End of the Night. I got to know MooflyFoof much better over the course of friends' birthday dinners, dinners at our place, wedding fun, and kitchen prep for Burning Man.

It's only natural that we had one entree that was similar between our receptions. They served Chicken Piccata and we served Roasted Chicken Breast with Lemon Caper Sauce. So our entree tonight: Chicken Piccata (aka Chicken with Lemon Caper Sauce).

Thanks to MooflyFoof's advice during our outing to Crate and Barrel The Wedding Parties we registered for an ice cream maker. A nod to the first time we met and MooflyFoof's winning dessert, we'll be serving up a non-dairy twist on her original: Maker's Mark Maple Ice Cream with Mission Beach Cafe's Candied Bacon.

The Menu:

Bruschetta Panini
Baked Clams
Chicken Piccata (aka Chicken with Lemon Caper Sauce) with Wild Rice
Maker's Mark Maple Ice Cream with Mission Beach Cafe's Candied Bacon

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait! This menu looks fabulous, Eden. I'm so delighted that you'll be making the bacon ice cream. I actually have never made it since BaconCamp (much to Ed's chagrin). I'm very much looking forward to your non-dairy version!


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