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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dining Out: Vegetarian Fare at Greens

Because I got sidetracked with the Michelin Guide yesterday, here's a real Dining Out review. Enjoy!

I have a hard time finding something I can eat at 100% Vegetarian restaurants. Why? Dairy. It's in almost every dish from butter to cream to cheese.

On Tuesday I was out at Fort Mason Center for a tradeshow. Now there's not much to eat out there. There is Greens. Greens is a 100% Vegetarian restaurant. First off, let me say that this restaurant has the most amazing view. If it served a broader fare I'd come back just for this view.

The one drawback of getting a table with a view is that the tables at the window are stacked right on top of each other. It's very hard to avoid eavesdropping on your neighbors' conversations. (Unfortunately the conversation that I couldn't ignore was a rant about picky eaters who forced others to adopt their viewpoints.)

I was impressed that they did feature sheep and goat cheeses in their dishes. I also liked that their dishes were visually stunning. This was their housemade pappardelle.

Didn't like the service. Between the time the dessert menu was dropped off at my table and the time the waitress came back to take my order, I no longer wanted the Vegan Blackberry Quince Crisp. Well that's not true. I did want it, I no longer had time on my break to order and eat it. Ten minutes had gone by while I just sat there.

I also didn't like that there was a $15 table minimum - even during lunch. I had to change my entree to try to get something that met the minimum as I wasn't extremely hungry - i.e. thinking of eating more than an entree - or able to down alcohol.

I'd recommend Greens if you're dining with at least one other person, are not in a hurry, and are vegetarian. As most of the dishes include dairy, a vegan might have difficulty finding something they'd be able to eat. The only Vegan option the day I was there was the dessert.

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