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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Blanchisserie Americain

cubes and I celebrated our two-month wedding anniversary by opening a restaurant, Blanchisserie Americain. A team of 9 pulled together what patrons experienced last Saturday night at the Lost Horizon Night Market - a dining room that delivered an intimate dinner for 4 strangers.
Lost Horizon Night Market SF
Photography Credit: Neil Girling aka Carnivillain via Flickr
Now, the path from empty 24' box truck to fine dining experience was by no means smooth. Early Friday afternoon, Budget Truck Rentals threw us a curve, informing us that the truck we reserved had been returned in a state that was unsafe to drive. The race was on to find a new 24' truck or worst case maybe a 20' or 22' truck. With barely any time to spare before the truck rental agency closed, we arrived in the South Bay to pick up keys for a replacement 24' box truck. (What we'd learn later was that this truck was a little wider than our original truck. It was also a little taller (we passed under the 80 overpass on Fourth street with 4 inches to spare). On the plus side, the truck had an amazing wood floor.)

Early in the morning, our glassware is carefully packed to avoid breakage during transport.
Later in the day Saturday was a little bit more of a blur as we raced the clock to get the decor finished. Here's some of the busy bees in action.
Walls are painted.
Walls are ready to be loaded into the truck.
Curtains are hung.
Chair rails are prepped.
Chair rails are up.

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