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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Retro Kitchen: Everything in its Place

Edgemere Diner Interior
Edgemere Diner, photographed by Bev Norton; shared in accordance with Creative Commons license.

This past Saturday we soft opened our pet project Blanchisserie Americain. When creating the logo, I drew inspiration from the 1950s. I wanted a font that was very simple yet conveyed classic elegance. The fonts used by GarnerWare and Lincoln BeautyWare with tight kerning captivated the most. 
GarnerWare Coffee, Flour, Sugar, and Tea Canisters
Image courtesy of Renee's Attic Collectibles

Vintage Chrome Canister Set Retro Mid Century by WaveSong on Etsy
Lincoln BeautyWare Coffee, Flour, Sugar, and Tea Canisters, $29
Image courtesy of Wave Song

Lincoln BeautyWare Coffee Canister
Coffee Canister, $10 
Image courtesy of MeeganL21

Vintage Turquoise and Chrome Paper Towel Holder
Lincoln Beautyware, $95 
Image courtesy of cammoo

I liked this font but felt the kerning wasn't tight enough.
Vintage Lincoln Beautyware Chrome Coffee and Tea Canisters
Lincoln Beautyware Coffee and Tea Canisters, $20 
 4.5" in height by 5" wide and 6" deep
Image courtesy of rhan

Chrome Cake Carrier Lincoln Beautyware Vintage Server Mid Century Modern
Cake Carrier, $25 
 6" in height by 12" wide and 12" deep
Image courtesy of Vintage Me AZ

Antique Retro Bread Box Lincoln Chrome Stainless Steel Beauty Box ON SALE
Lincoln BeautyWare Bread Box, $49.95 
Image courtesy of The Funny Bunny

I liked the treatment of the following labels, but the fonts seemed more casual. For a bakery:
vintage 1950s white metal masterware kitchen canisters
Canette Masterware Coffee and Tea Canisters, $24 
Image courtesy of Compost This

For a sweet shoppe or creamery:
Set of Four White Metal 1950s Kitchen Canisters With Art Deco Text Flour Sugar Coffee Tea
Lincoln BeautyWare Coffee, Flour, Sugar and Tea Canisters, $35 for set
 4.75" to 8.5" in height by 5" wide and 6" deep
 Image courtesy of So Fetch Vintage

Mom's Kitchen Cannister Four-Piece Set
Coffee, Flour, Sugar, and Tea Canisters, $28 
Image courtesy of French Press Vintage

Vintage Modern Square Plastic Cookie Canister
Cookie Canister, $12.50 
Image courtesy of Lisa's Retro Style

For a coffee shop:
Vintage Copper Canisters - set of three- Lincoln beautyware
Coffee, Flour, and Tea Canisters, $38 
Image courtesy of Blue Bernice Vintage

Vintage Copper Beauty Wear Cake Carrier
Lincoln BeautyWare Cake Carrier, $21 
Image courtesy of Treasure Galaxy

ON SALE Vintage Lincoln Beautyware Coffee and Tea Canisters
Lincoln BeautyWare Coffee and Tea Canisters, $16.40 
Image courtesy of Claire's Faire

Vintage Lincoln Beautyware Cake Carrier
Lincoln BeautyWare Cake Carrier, $19 
Image courtesy of Blue Boy Vintage

And of course there were some fonts and treatments that screamed diner.
Vintage Kitchen Canister set - Retro avocado green - set of two - Masterware - metal
Masterware Coffee and Sugar Canisters, $24 
 4.5" to 8.75" in height by 5" wide and 6" deep
Image courtesy of Blue Bernice Vintage

Vintage Bread Box - Lincoln Beautyware
Lincoln BeautyBox, $38 
Image courtesy of Found Things

And there were fonts that were a little too plain and didn't say anything at all.
Three Kromex Canisters
Kromex Coffee, Sugar, and Tea Canisters, $26 
Image courtesy of Old Green Canoe

Vintage 4 Century Aluminum Round Kitchen Canisters made in U.S.A.
Coffee, Flour, Sugar, and Tea Canisters, $20
Image courtesy of Sir Edmond's Vintage

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