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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Craving: Texas BBQ

Cooper's Tradition
Image courtesy of Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ 

It's been too long since my last Texas BBQ Stuff Yourself Silly. In Michigan, I treated my roommates and fellow grad students to this yummy goodness the day after Thanksgiving. In California, friends and family feasted the day after Christmas or New Year's. 

I've been shipping Texas BBQ across the country since 2003. It's arrived at my aunt and uncle's place in Suisun. It's arrived at a few of my employers offices to odd looks. I've taken it home on CalTrain and I've had to defend it from people who know Texas BBQ.

Yesterday I got a Texas BBQ email to my new email address. As I stared at the pictured BBQ, I realized something. I haven't hosted a Texas BBQ Stuff Yourself Silly feast since cubes and I started dating. In fact, not since I moved from Mountain View. And there have been a couple of moves since then! Sunnyvale. SOMA. The Mission.

Even better - or more tempting - is that many more of my Texas BBQ favorites now ship their BBQ! There are so many options. A Texas BBQ sausage showdown. A Texas BBQ brisket tasting. A Texas BBQ ribs sampling. 

Now the dilemma. Do I start with a sampling of my favorite Texas BBQ items across my favorite haunts - the three I've shipped from before The Salt Lick (Turkey and Pork Tenderloin), County Line (Sausage, Brisket, and Ribs), and Cooper's BBQ (Brisket and Pork Chops)? Or do I add to the gluttony - sausage from Elgin (both Meyer's AND Southside Market of course!); sausage and brisket from Rudy's; ham from Kreuz Market?

What would you do? Go with tried and true favorites that are crowd pleasers? Be daring and try something new?

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