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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ingredients: Meat, meat, and more meat

Last Wednesday I was craving Texas BBQ. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home from class to a Styrofoam cooler with "Highly Perishable - Keep Frozen" warnings. It wasn't Texas BBQ, but it was meat. Meat from Omaha Steaks.
Have you ever arrived home to unexpected bounty? What was it?

Luckily with some creative packing, we had room in our fridge for everything. We took the meat out of the boxes and left the fish, potatoes, and hot dogs (items that contain dairy) in their boxes so that I don't accidentally eat the items.
Our Fridge Stuffed with Our Omaha Steaks Bounty
Ever wonder how food travels? Wonder no more. Here I show you layer by layer how this goodness arrived. (cubes had to remind me that I might want to take photos, especially as everything would be either in the fridge or freezer by the time he got home.)

The Layer Beneath the Knives

And at the very bottom of the cooler - dry ice. Here it's completely evaporated, but when I first opened the cooler there was some left.
What's left of the dry ice
Only one item in the cooler arrived partially frozen - the carmel apple tartlets.

What would you cook up first? We've got 10 hamburger patties, 2 pork chops, 4 chicken breasts, and 4 steaks.

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