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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tips: Finding 1950s Metal Canisters for a Modern Kitchen

In our kitchen, we have appliances that are black and stainless. We also have granite countertops with a black and white tile backsplash. Our accessories and countertop appliances tend to be stainless or brushed metal as well (pot rack and compost pail from Crate and Barrel and our Cuisinart TOB-60 Convection Toaster Oven Broiler). 

Our OXO containers take up a lot of counterspace (in the photo above they're stacked on top of each other behind the rice cooker). So while I love their functionality, I don't love the look. Solution? Hide OXO containers in stackable Lincoln BeautyWare from the 1950s (props for our retro kitchen shoot).

1950's kitchen
Photography Credit: Roberts888 via Flickr
Check out the Canette canisters on the countertop to the right of the fridge.
When assembling a cohesive (i.e. "matchy matchy") kitchen look using vintage pieces for your modern kitchen, there are a few things to consider:
  • Brand - Canette, GarnerWare, Lincoln BeautyWare, Masterware, Duro (a Canadian brand), and Mirro. Canette, GarnerWare, Lincoln BeautyWare, and Masterware are blind embossed on the bottom of each piece. If photos of a piece don't show the embossing, be sure to ask the seller.  
  • Finish - chrome, brushed aluminum, copper, or paint finish
  • Material used for handles - some are painted metal, some are plastic woodgrain
  • Type of label - some are blind embossed
  • Lettering of label - some are all capital letters, some are all lowercase letters
  • Orientation of label - some are vertical and some are horizontal
  • Dimensions - some of the canisters aren't stackable as they typically round (Mirro). Others are polygons that can be stacked (Lincoln BeautyWare and GarnerWare). However, some are pie-shaped designed to fit in a corner on your counter. Stackable rectangular canisters can differ in size, GarnerWare can be 4.75"x5.75" to 5"x6" while Canette and Lincoln BeautyWare are typically 5"x6" and Masterware is 4.875"x5.125".
vintage chrome canette masterware kitchen canisters
Canette ($38 for the set)
Image courtesy of Compost This 

Image courtesy of Renee's Attic Collectibles

Vintage Stainless Canisters By Lincoln Beauty Ware
Lincoln BeautyWare ($20 to $29 for the set)
Image courtesy of Sir Edmond's Vintage

If searching on Etsy, try a couple of combinations, GarnerWare as well as Garner Ware, Lincoln BeautyWare as well as Lincoln Beauty Ware, and Masterware as well as Master Ware.

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