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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Retro Kitchen: Alphabet Soup

On the train ride in this morning I was trying to get inspired by type. Specifically type that conveyed elegance, refinement, and class. While casually scanning Etsy I noticed lots of sans serif fonts. 

2 Vintage Stackable Italian Soup Bowls
As it was a cold morning, soup and chili captured and held my attention. (The perfect decor if we were opening a soup counter truck.)

Unlike the Lincoln BeautyWare or GarnerWare labeled canisters, the fonts on soup and chili bowls tended to be more casual and more frequently paired with muted earthen colors. 
Vintage Soup Mug - Olive Green Ceramic, Stoneware - Made in Japan
Image courtesy of Rainy Penguin Vintage

If you're looking for vintage casual dining that reminds you of homecooked meals or are throwing a soup-themed potluck/cook off/shower, do a little digging on Etsy. Green mugs ranged in price from $7.25 via Honey Brown Vintage to $9 via Rainy Penguin Vintage to $14 via The Vintageholic Frog for one soup mug. Read descriptions carefully to see whether or not the bowls are still food safe.

Some vendors offered two or more mugs of the same color or different. 
Soup Mugs
Autumn Always offered green and orange soup mugs for $14.
Set of 2 Matching Soup and Crackers Large Mugs
Recycle Buy Vintage offered two tan mugs for $16.99.
Gallivanting Girls offered three tan soup mugs for $18.

Retro VINTAGE 1970s Stackable Chili Mugs in Mint Green
Vintage Caravan offered two chili mugs for $14.

Type was also frequently paired or filled with clip art vegetables.
1970s Hot Veggie Soup Mugs. Yummy Lunch For Two
Image courtesy of Surrender Dorothy$10.89 for two

Vintage Soup Bowl
Image courtesy of Jape$10 

Again, prices vary. 
Vintage - 1970s Ceramic SOUP Mugs - Set of Two (2)
Image courtesy of L8R - G8R Vintage Finds

L8R - G8R Vintage Finds offers two mugs for $8Lizardous offers the top and bottom mugs separately for $8 each. And Autumn Always offers a similar mug for $6.

Veggie Soup Mug

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