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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap: Resolving to Cook More

cubes and I enjoy being in the kitchen together. After we got back from our mini-moon, we pledged to cook more often. We haven't been very successful with this vow which leads to my third resolution for 2011:
"Cook more."

With this resolution in mind, I've gathered a visual culinary to do list for February.
Photography Credits: Donna, Pot + Pantry; Lisa, With Style & Grace; Joy, Oh Joy!.
  1. Make pierogis. I enjoy reading about what Donna of Pot + Pantry is cooking. (Also on my To Do list is to get over to her shop here in The Mission. Vintage cookware. Carefully curated modern pieces that evoke a sense of yesteryear when families gathered around a table together. I'm in love.) 
  2. Pair tomato basil soup with grilled cheese bites. Who wouldn't want to eat at home when you style soup this way? Lisa's photograph hooked me. (Recently discovered, her blog, With Style & Grace, is one of my daily reads.) I wanted to jump off my train and head back home. 
  3. Dazzle friends with mini pies or bite-size perfection. We've all seen tiers of cupcakes at events. But until I spotted Joy's mini-key lime pies, I'd not thought of substituting pies for cupcakes. Who doesn't need more pie in their lives?
  4. Try my hand at gougeres. I spotted these delights, photographed by Kristina Gill, on Design*Sponge. (My resolution says nothing about making low calorie meals.)

Credits: Kristina Gill for Design*Sponge

Three other dishes (not pictured here) caught my eye: a hearty mushroom and farro soup; a pulled pork BBQ sandwich, and super easy confections (aka no fail fudge).

Do you gather inspiration for meals ahead of time?
Or do you decide on the fly what you're making?

I love planning a meal. Specifically, imagining the finished plate and tweaking the components. When perfectly plated, the meal calls to me until it's on the table in front of us. 

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