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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dining Out: Canvas Underground at The Corner

Ever dream of taking over a restaurant for the night? Last night through Canvas Underground, about 20 of us did just that.

We stormed the restaurant at 6:30pm and sampled Chef Peter Jackson's Andouille Sausage and Homemade Tarro (we bought some to take home, it's that good!) while we sipped our beverage of choice and introduced ourselves. Then we made our way upstairs to the cozy loft lit with candles.
What's for Dinner
What's on the Menu for Dinner: A 3-Course Meal & Live Entertainment for $25 per person
If you've never heard of Canvas Underground, you should check out their blog for more details. In a nutshell, foodies from all over the bay area come together to share a communal meal. When you first start going you may or may not know anyone but that's the point. It's neat seeing who'll be at your table. Once again I ran into someone who lives in Oakland and works out in Walnut Creek (a BART stop away from where I work). At our first Canvas Underground dinner, we met a couple who works with friends at Splunk. 

For more photos of the dinner and the food, check out Vera Devera's Flickr set 3.28.11 Canvas @ The Corner; she even got a shot of cubes and me.

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