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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cooking to Do: Stocking Up

One of our resolutions for 2011 was "Cook more." We had grand plans for at least one meal we cooked together and for two or three meals, food that was ready and waiting to be eaten straight out of our slow cooker. (I even created a visual culinary to do list for February.) We'd eat healthier and we'd save money.

Here it is near the end of April and we haven't actually done any of this. I walked into Bi-Rite Market last Thursday ready to start whipping out culinary delights. For Passover I was going to start with Matzoh Brittle. In the greens case I was further inspired and decided I'd also tackle a Nettle Pesto (the recipe was conveniently placed right next to all the herbs I'd need). Now I had come to Bi-Rite specifically to pick up Maple Sugar Crystals for the Matzoh Brittle. (Besides Whole Foods Market, which I try to boycott, they were my go to supplier.) The bad news? Bi-Rite no longer sells Maple Sugar Crystals. The good news? They found out Rainbow Grocery (off 14th and Folsom) had it in bulk and in stock.

Refined-Sugar and Dairy-Free Goodness
Mission Accomplished! A pound and a half of Maple Sugar Crystals.

Saturday cubes and I went to Rainbow; our first trip to Rainbow. With all of the bulk items it can be a little overwhelming. After two trips to Customer Service, unable to find a few items, the very patient guide who gave me aisle numbers and exact shelf locations also pointed me to a map. Give me a map and you have one happy Eden. (cubes was probably really relieved when I returned from the desk; in one short moment, I'd gone from frazzled to almost bouncing down the seemingly never ending aisles.)

Our Haul

An hour or so after entering, we left with pockets $280 lighter and 3 bags full of ingredients to make:

Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for Recipes for the Good Life.

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