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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Etsy Tuesday: Vintage Bar Accessories

Ever since I saw these Drink, Sip, and Cheers Couroc trays on The Haunted Lamp last week I've been hooked. Call Me Jasper (one of the online vintage shops I stalk) even just listed one.

10"x13" Drink Serving Tray, Couroc, c.1970s, $24, Call Me Jasper
As I was searching for other Couroc serving trays I realized it had been awhile since I featured a round up of fun and glamorous typed accessories. With parties on my mind, today's roundup are accessories for the bar - cocktail napkins and cocktail shakers.
The Finds: Cocktail napkin, $10Prancing Goat Vintage; Cocktail shaker and jigger shot glass, $25Thrift Store Divas; Cocktail shaker, c.1950s, $24Claire's Faire Vintage; Touch of Elegance Cocktail napkins and coasters, Gibson, c.1960s, $18West Side Vintage.

An added bonus of this round up? Retro drink recipes for an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan, a Daiquiri, a Dubonnet, an Alexander, and a Bronx. Cheers!

Credits: Product images taken by their respective Etsy sellers: Call Me JasperPrancing Goat VintageThrift Store DivasClaire's Faire VintageWest Side Vintage

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