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Friday, October 29, 2010

A New Direction

As long as I can remember, I've loved to cook. Cow's milk and sucrose allergies made experimental cooking a must for me, and you can find me routinely reworking recipes so that no one can tell the revision is dairy-free and/or refined-sugar free. Since helping a friend translate his Thai recipes into a cookbook, I've combined my love of cooking and experimentation with photography and writing. My husband also shares my passion for food, cooking, and entertaining.

On this blog, you'll find menus and recipes that we served to our extended family (Family Style and/or Recipe posts), meals we've eaten at restaurants (Dining Out posts), recipes that we reworked so that I can eat them (Rewind posts), descriptions of what's in our pantry and/or fridge (Ingredient and/or Grocery posts), and reviews of our must have kitchen gadgets or cookbooks (Review posts).

We're just getting into the swing of married life, so we're still figuring out where we want Recipes for the Good Life to grow. As we get started, anticipate 3 posts a week: Ingredient or Grocery posts on Mondays, Dining Out posts on Wednesday, and Family Style or Guestbook Recipe/Recipe posts on Fridays. With a mind to recreating expensive dinners at home we'll be irregularly posting Budget Gourmet and/or Rewind posts on Sundays.

Tell us if you try a recipe or if you disagree with our take on a gadget or restaurant. If you want to join us at a Michelin-Star restaurant sometime, follow @DinnerAllStars on Twitter.

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