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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ingredients: My Favorite Thing for Monday Morning

Last week we ran out of coffee. On Thursday and Friday, we drank decaf coffee when we woke up. We could have run to the nearby Safeway and picked up some beans, but we're coffee snobs. Our local favorite is Blue Bottle Coffee's Bella Donovan.

What's your favorite coffee? Do you go without rather than settle?

Where to Get the Look: Folger's Coffee Tin from Nostalgic Treasures$16; Nash's Coffee Tin from Boonie Boutique$22; Butternut Coffee Tin from Mechanic on Duty$7.50; Russell's Coffee Bags from Kelley Street Vintage$18.50 for three.

Where to Get the Look: 6 3/4 inch Tall Coffee Canister from The Best Shop $12.50; 8 3/4 inch Tall Coffee Canister from Winter Milk $15; Coffee Mugs from The Vintage Cup, $14 for two.

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